We owe it to our families, business partners, and those that paved the way for us to become the best version of ourselves. More importantly, you owe you!

Hi – I’m

Les (Lesego Kgolane)

You’ve probably seen me exploring some random place on YouTube or maybe you were in attendance for a talk or speech I gave on Thought Leadership, Business, Environmental Health or Social Impact.

I am the founder of It Starts With You Network. I have created this platform in order to explore and share my perspectives, discoveries and experiences on various topics through video, conferences and direct person to person engagement.

As a speaker, philanthropist and contributor to society, the topics I cover at It Starts With You Network include Health, Wealth, Business and Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Mentorship, Motivation, Spirituality, Reviews as well as life in general.


I’m sure you’ll find something of interest here. Poke around and let me know what you think.

Now that I have your attention.

I’d love for you continue this journey with me. Also, I post content pretty regularly on YouTube.

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If you want to connect for a Keynote Speaker Session or are simply looking to take your business to the next level, reach out to me. I’m only an email away! Inquiries // info@itstartswithyou.co.za & lesego.kgolane@itstartswithyou.co.za

To sponsor us in making a difference please contact us on donations@itstartswithyou.co.za

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